Philippa Langley – The Princes in the Tower (BMF Talk)

Sunday 18th August, 2:30pm to 3:30pm

£12 per person, pre-booking advised

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Philippa Langley – The Princes in the Tower: Solving History’s Greatest Cold Case

Renowned historian Philippa Langley took the world by storm when, against all the odds, she led the search and discovery of King Richard III’s body. The rediscovery and subsequent reburial of Richard III was watched by an estimated global audience of over 366 million. Now, she has turned her attention to the fate of the Princes in the Tower… 

Join Philippa as she discusses her remarkable book The Princes in the Tower: Solving History’s Greatest Cold Case, and the extraordinary findings of ‘The Missing Princes Project’

In the summer of 1483, Edward V (aged 12) and his brother Richard Duke of York (aged 9), disappeared from the Tower of London. For over 500 years, history has judged that they were murdered on the orders of their uncle Richard III. Philippa Langley has painstakingly investigated, questioning received wisdom, as she and her team shed light upon one of history’s greatest miscarriages of justice, revealing a phenomenal untold story, and rewriting the history books.

Using investigative methodology, it places this most enduring of mysteries under a forensic microscope, unearthing astonishing new archival discoveries along the way. It is the first time that police cold case investigation analysis has been applied to a centuries-old historical mystery, leaving no stone unturned, and the results are extraordinary.

Published to coincide with a landmark 90-minute documentary on Channel 4, the book is the culmination of Philippa Langley’s unwavering commitment to question traditional history and to discover the truth by taking an exciting new approach to history. It’s a reminder of what can be found within archives, if only we take the time to look.

There will be a chance to purchase a copy of Philippa’s book and to get it signed!

Tickets are £12 per person and can be purchased HERE

*A Bosworth Medieval Festival Ticket must be purchased to attend this event*

Philippa Langley MBE is an historian and award-winning producer, best known for her role in the discovery and reburial of Richard III in 2012. She is co-author of the bestselling The Lost King with Michael Jones (first published as The King’s Grave, John Murray 2013), and Finding Richard III, the official account of her ‘Looking For Richard Project’. On the ten-year anniversary of discovering Richard III, her extraordinary story was released as the internationally acclaimed major feature film, The Lost King, directed by Sir Stephen Frears and starring Sally Hawkins.

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